Ranunculus from Monarch Flowers through to the finals of the Glass Tulip Award

The beautiful Ranunculus Poodle Ramlia® and Ranunculus Romance™ Courchevel® from Monarch Flowers have made it to the finals of the Glass Tulip Award! And we are of course very proud of that achievement!

Known as the award for the best market introduction of the year. In the categories ‘Cut flowers’, ‘Concepts’, ‘Flowering houseplants’, ‘Green houseplants’ and ‘Garden plants’. With this award, new products, and therefore innovation, are put in the spotlight.

During the Trade Fair in Aalsmeer (9 – 11 November), where we have our stand as well (6.7), a professional jury will vote as well and after that the winners will be decided. The Award Ceremony will take place on the 15th of December.

The finalists of Monarch Flowers

Ranunculus Romance™ Courchevel®

Ranunculus Romance™ Courchevel® is a beautiful variety and our most white colored Ranunculus. With huge pure snowy white flowers. This variety also has a very good length. The flowers of the Ranunculus Romance™ Courchevel® are absolutely beautiful!

Ranunculus Poodle Ramlia®

Ranunculus Poodle Ramlia® is a truly beautiful and also quite unusual Ranunculus. A lovely variety that has fringed pink colored flowers. This is the strongest Poodle type. Ramlia® is a lovely variety with very large stems and somewhat smaller flowers. Really a uniquely wonderful Ranunculus.

The Ranunculus Romance™ is, next to the Ranunculus Butterfly™, another serie introduced by Monarch Flowers. With very large flowers, long (60 – 70 cm) and strong stems. But what makes our Ranunculus Romance™ so special is that all the varieties do not have hollow stems. This means, for example, that fewer diseases arise. But this also means that the stem gets woody and this causes the stem to break less quickly. The flower has a good vase life and each variety is distinctive with its own deep, intense and unique color.


  • New collection                  
  • Very early flowering
  • Very large flowers
  • Excellent vase life
  • Long stems
  • Bright colors
  • Produces less foliage (less diseases)
  • No hollow stems (less diseases)
  • From tissue culture
  • MPS-A+ certified

Have a look at our beautiful Ranunculus varieties on the product pages of the Ranunculus Butterfly™ and  Ranunculus Romance™.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about or are interested in one of these series!